Aware Amethyst: All change requires awareness.


Amethyst comes from the Greek word ‘amethystos’, which means ‘not intoxicated’. The Ancient Greeks considered the stone to be protective against drunkenness and it was often used to carve wine goblets from it. Even today it can be used in a glass water bottle to benefit from its sobering effect, which can help to overcome over-indulgence and addictions.


In the Middle Ages it was considered to be a symbol of royalty and was used to decorate royal emblems, such as the crown. Today amethyst is often used to create eye-catching jewellery, which is one of the most practical ways to benefit from its protective properties.


You might feel drawn to amethyst because of its beautiful colour, which can range from lavender to deep rich purple. It might also attract you because of its high spiritual vibration and extremely powerful energy. Amethyst protects its wearer against psychic attacks or ill intentions from others. If you place an amethyst cluster in your home, you will notice its soothing and cleansing impact.


If you feel scattered and unfocused and need to set realistic goals, reach for your amethyst tumbled stone. It will help you to centre yourself, improve your motivation and enhance your memory. These qualities will assist you in making sound decisions based on insightful considerations.


If you want to enhance your spiritual insights, Amethyst allows you to open up to another reality and access deep levels of inner peace. It is often used to assist people in their dying process because it dispels negative emotions and settles the mind. In case you wish to enhance your psychic gifts and increase your intuition, use your amethyst during your meditation to facilitate spiritual insights.


Amethyst should not be used by people who have a tendency towards paranoia or schizophrenia. However, it can be useful in stabilising other psychiatric conditions.

On a physical level, amethyst is particularly helpful in treating stress and insomnia. It is believed to balance hormones, release tensions and headaches and can be very beneficial for the digestive system. It can assist in cleansing the blood and supporting the immune system. Amethyst has a wide range of healing applications and, as always, it is best to consult a qualified crystal healer to work with your individual body. It is usually placed on the upper chakras, such as the crown, third eye, throat and heart.


To cleanse your Amethyst, run it under water or smudge it. You can also return it to the earth and let soak up precious earth energy. Amethyst likes being recharged in moonlight and enjoys being surrounded by soothing sounds. It does not like sunlight but appreciates resting on crystal clusters.


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