Accepting Agate: Slow and steady wins the race.


When Theophrasius, a Greek philosopher, wandered around the river Achates in today’s Sicily, he discovered a finely grained rock, consisting primarily of cryptocrystalline silica, mainly chalcedony, which alternated with microgranular quartz. Sometime between the 4th and the 3rd century BC, Theophrasius felt invited by the subtle, soothing colours to hold the stone in his hand and contemplate life.


Agate is a stabilising, grounding stone that helps to centre one’s energies and dissolve tensions. It is a slow working stone but due to its steadiness, it provides excellent strength. You might feel attracted to Agate because it harmonises your feminine and masculine aspects and creates a sense of safety. Its gentle energy helps you to build self-confidence, set appropriate boundaries and encourages you to turn any negative emotion into the courage to begin anew.


As it did for Theophrasius, Agate assists in bringing into awareness what is hidden below the surface that might be stopping you from moving ahead. It facilitates quiet concentration, which helps you to find practical solutions.


Anytime you feel the need for balance, soft strength, and harmony, carry your agate with you, either in form of a stone or as jewellery. It will bring a sense of equilibrium when your soul feels frazzled. While other crystals that vibrate at a higher level might agitate you more, if you are looking for gentle empowerment through dissolution of stress and tensions, Agate is an excellent choice.


Physically it is believed to aid the digestive process and cleans the lymphatic system. If it is placed on the heart it will increase the acceptance of love.


You can clean your agate by running it under water, smudging it or by letting it reconnect with the earth. To recharge it, it is best to put it out in the sun for a few hours or to let it benefit from the energy of the full moon. It can also be placed on a crystal cluster to be recharged.