Tranquil Turquoise: Find solace and speak up.

Turquoise has been valued as a holy stone for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt grave decorations with turquoise were discovered that date back to 3000 BC. In the Persian Empire it was worn as a protective gemstone, and if the dazzling blue-green colour changed, it was considered to be a sign of approaching death. The terms ‘turquoise’ originated in the 17th century from the French word ‘pierre turquoise’ meaning ‘Turkish stone’ because it was brought from the mines in Persia to Europe via Turkey. It is a sacred stone for the Native Americans who use it for healing. It has also been used to decorate many holy sites, such as the Taj Mahal.

Turquoise amazes us with its stunning hues that range from sky-blue to tropical ocean green. It is associated with refreshing, calming tranquillity, patience and wisdom. Its healing power effects your mental state by increasing positive thinking, serenity and creativity. It is considered to be a master healer because of its capacity to protect you and enhance the flow of loving energy.

Use your turquoise jewelry to reduce chronic stress and to create a calming spiritual oasis for your energy field. The vibrant colour and uplifting energy promote well-being while making you look wonderful. When you add this splash of eye-catching colour in the form of earrings, necklaces or rings, you can immediately notice the boost in self-confidence. It has a life-affirming effect on your body and soul. You can also program your Turquoise to reconnect you with the life-giving energy of tropical oceans.

Turquoise is both purifying and detoxifying. It cleanses the body fluids and absorbs negative thoughts. Its soothing effect on the nervous system allows you to face challenges with renewed courage. It is particularly recommended for exhaustion and depression. Holding your tumbled stone will reduce identification with being a self-sabotaging martyr and induce a feeling of solace.

Being a blue stone it is associated with the throat chakra and therefore it helps you to find your voice. It has been used by singers and professional speakers to reduce the stress of public performances. It also brings harmony to your heart chakra by increasing a sense of serenity and internal peace. You can place it on the third eye to deepen your meditation. It is and ‘earth-grounding’ stone and will prevent you from losing touch with the here and now while meditating.

The protective quality of your Turquoise is especially valued while travelling. It is believed to shield you and your possessions against negative experiences and helps to prevent accidents. If you need to travel or relocate frequently for work, try wearing an amulet that you have programmed to assist you with your career. Both men and women can wear Turquoise to enhance self-expression and self-acceptance.

To cleanse your turquoise, you can run it under clean water or place it on a quartz crystal. To recharge it, it is best to leave it in the moonlight. Never put it out in the sun as it might discolour or even disintegrate.

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