Romantic Rose Quartz: The power of unconditional love.

Rose Quartz is probably one of the better-known crystals with its pale pink to rose red hues. Its colour is due to trace amounts if titanium, iron or manganese. Mythically it has been linked to Aphrodite who spilled blood onto a White Quartz. The change of colour to pink resulted in a crystal that contains Aphrodite’s unconditional love energy. It can therefore allow you to open your heart and become gentle with yourself and others. It represents healing, forgiveness, empathy, acceptance and harmony.

If you would like to attract or maintain romantic love, this is the crystal to hold in your hand or wear as jewelry. It will also enhance your trust in a current relationship or increase compassion and peace. It helps to open and heal the heart and come to terms with changes that often occur in mid-life.

Being such a subtle crystal, it assists you in noticing beauty all around you. It can help to heal heartaches that are due to emotional traumas. Its soothing, calming, harmonising effects can be enhanced by positive affirmations. If you find it hard to love, accept and nurture yourself, hold your Rose Quartz at night and go to sleep with the intention to include yourself in your compassion and kindness.

Love energy is what motivates the whole universe. It includes but goes well beyond romantic love between two people. Self-love, love for family and friends, love for nature and the environment, love for all of humanity are needed to overcome divisions and disagreements. Your Rose Quartz will help you to transform negative emotions and replace them with hope, faith, trust and inner peace. If you are going through difficult times, such as times of grief or anxiety, wear a piece of jewelry made of Rose Quartz to find your inner balance again. It is a close friend that will offer emotional support. Its gentle, nurturing energy will allow you to be forgiving of any perceived mistakes you may have made. It reminds you to be kind and generous to yourself and others. Surround yourself with an abundance of love by holding or wearing your Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz is believed to aid the physical heart and the circulation. It can help in recovering from adrenal exhaustion. It can also be helpful in dementia and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. In the shape of a facial roller in can assist in smoothing your complexion.

To cleanse your Rose Quartz, you can run it under water or smudge it with sage. It also likes to be returned to the earth. Rose Quartz enjoys sunlight and moonlight to be recharged. You can also place it on a crystal cluster to fill it up again with loving energy.

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