Outstanding Opal: Happiness is wearing an invisibility cloak.

Updated: May 21, 2019

Who doesn’t appreciate the unusual play of colours in iridescent opals? They draw you into their earthly galaxies and invite you to sparkle along with them. Opals are ancient stones that vibrate at a fine level. They are mineraloids because they consist of silica and water. Australia accounts for about 95% of the world’s supply. Most opals are found in Cooper Pedy, a town 850 kms north of Adelaide, where people live in dugouts (below-ground caves) due to the intense heat. The 70 opal fields represent the largest mining area in the world.

The word ‘Opal’ is believed to be an adaptation from the Sanskrit word ‘upala’. Around 250 BC the term first appeared in Roman references when Opals were valued above all other gems.

If you long to finally express your full potential, enhance your physical appearance with a piece of jewellery made of Opal. The gemstones are often worn as earrings, necklaces or rings. An Opal will allow you to be creative, let go of some deep-seated fears and inhibitions and invite you to be spontaneous. You might need to couple opals with other stones if you want to ground yourself first. It is best to imagine it as an amplifier. It will bring to the surface hidden feelings that might need to be understood before a lasting transformation can be achieved.

Opals have the unique characteristic of invisibility. You might wonder how this works. Well, any stone can be programmed to achieve certain objectives. Opals are very protective and can thus be programmed to make you less noticeable to others. I personally experienced this invisibility in a shop in San Francisco. I was in a queue at the cash register but neither the shop assistant nor the other shoppers took any notice of me. It took me a while to make myself seen. The stone could thus be helpful, if programmed properly, to protect you in situations where you don’t want to be noticed. It would be ideal for celebrities who want to enjoy normal activities.

Its karmic resonance reminds you that whatever emotions you put out into the world will eventually come back to you. This is also why Opal can repair and heal the earth as it has spent eons in it. It also opens you up to mysticism and spiritual visions. It invites you to go on a journey into the galaxies of the earth.

Physically Opal is believed to have a cleansing effect on the blood and kidneys. It enhances the memory and renews your appreciation for being alive. Opal can also be beneficial in cases of fever and infections.

To cleanse your Opal it is best to return it to the earth. You may also like to smudge it or use visualised light to clean it. It enjoys being in sunlight and moonlight to be recharged.

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