Jaunty Jade: Stay calm and reach for the stars.

Updated: May 22, 2019

Jade is enigmatic and wise in a quiet way. The English name ‘jade’ refers to two different crystals, Jadeite (硬玉, 'hard jade') and Nephrite (軟玉, 'soft jade'), which are very similar in energy and can thus be interchanged. Jade usually occurs in green shades but can also be purple, blue or white. Being a stone that resonates with the heart chakra, Jade helps you to go beyond any negative patterns that might hold you back. If you feel you tried everything and yet remain stuck in your limitations, place a Jade on your heart chakra and meditate with it. It will help you to overcome defeatism and will bring about positive changes.

Jade enhances good luck and assists you in feeling balanced and harmonious. In the Maori tradition a neck carving of Jade, called a hei-tiki, is seen as a powerful connector to ancestry. In China, it has always been associated with prosperity and longevity. Green Jade is known as a crystal of eternal youth, which makes it an ideal aid for facial treatments. Use a Jade Roller together with your moisturiser to drain the lymphatic system and increase blood circulation. Its ability to reduce tension helps to smooth out wrinkles.

As a crystal of immortality, balance and harmony, Jade can also assist in supporting long-lasting love. It brings harmony and happiness to family relationships. It is also called a dream stone. You may like to hold it over your heart chakra, become aware of your intentions and visualise your dreams and desires. Jade allows you to reach for the stars and to increase your abundance, which includes, but also goes beyond financial prosperity. Jade helps to protect what you already have and to achieve what you secretly dream of.

On a physical level, Jade is associated with enhancing the body’s elimination and filtration systems. It can assist in treating the kidneys and the spleen and helps to remove toxins. Jade’s balancing and harmonising effects can also improve the acid-alkaline ratio in your body.

To cleanse your Jade, you can use water or let it rest on clean soil. If you are wearing a jade necklace, make sure you take it off in the pool, as any chemicals can harm the crystal.

To recharge your Jade, try smudging it and leaving it in the moonlight. You can also use crystal music bowls to surround it with harmonising sounds.

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