Freeing Fuchsite: Self-care is an act of love

Fuchsite, an apple green crystal with gold sparkly flecks, is also known as chrome mica, because it is a chromium (Cr) rich variety of the mineral muscovite. It is named after the German mineralogist Johann von Fuchs.

Fuchsite is soothing to the eyes and has an otherworldly, almost etheric appearance. Also known as the fairy or wish crystal, Fuchsite reminds us to overcome old patterns of self-sacrificing. It helps you to spread your wings and fly into the authenticity of your heart. Being green it is related to the heart chakra and meditating with your Fuchsite will help you connect with your true self-worth.

If you tend to over-give and easily fall into the rescuer or saviour mode, wear a piece of Fuchsite jewellery or carry a tumbled stone with you. It will teach you to only give what is necessary in any situation and to allow other souls to follow their unique path. Therefore, Fuchsite is especially useful for those who tend to suffer from low self-esteem and burn themselves out by serving others too much. Being compassionate means loving and caring for yourself. Co-dependency and habitual martyrdom can be released if you make the intention to take care of yourself. Allow the crystal to support you in establishing healthy boundaries.

Your Fuchsite reminds you of our invisible wings that want to spread and fly away from the burden of drama and hardship. Being associated with angels and fairies, Fuchsite supports the soul in becoming authentic and wise. It balances being there for others with being there for yourself. It gives you easier access to your guardian angel who will show you the way out of any difficult situation and helps you to let go of old patterns that no longer serve you.

Its nurturing, healing qualities relax your mind and allow you to move forward on your own magical, creative path in life. This may include giving you guidance on herbal or complimentary remedies as it is well attuned to the well-being of body and soul. Ask your heart what its true desires are and use your Fuchsite to follow your wildest dreams.

On a physical level, Fuchsite has the same realignment effect as on the soul level. It can assist in releasing blockages and in moving any excess energy into a positive direction. It is said to balance the red and white blood cell ratio and increases flexibility of the joints.

To clean your Fuchsite, run it under clear water or return it to the earth. It can also be cleansed with salt or smudged with a sage stick. It loves being recharged with sunlight and moonlight. You may also let it rest on a crystal cluster or recharge it with esoteric sounds.

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