Courageous Carnelian: Run with the wolves

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Carnelian is an orange-red mineral that is often used as a semi-precious gemstone. It is a type of chalcedony and its colourings are due to iron oxide. In ancient Egypt it was often used in conjunction with Onyx (black) and Lapis Lazuli (blue) to embellish the necklaces of royals.

Its vibrant energy coupled with its reddish colour are especially supportive if you need to restore your creativity and motivation. Carnelian will give you the ability to manifest and enjoy the process of expressing your passion and vitality. If you feel overburdened by your to-do list and feel guilty if you don’t work hard all the time, Carnelian will show you how to keep your momentum going. It will give you the necessary stamina to be successful in work and business.

It resonates with the sacral, solar plexus, and base chakras and is a tonic for the female reproductive organs. Men can also benefit from wearing a Carnelian in their pocket as it helps to overcome impotence. Being a crystal of sensuality, it can add passion and energy to all your endeavours. You can program your stone to help you maintain your enthusiasm and persistence in your projects. At the same time, it reminds you to enjoy a cup of tea and make time for the simple pleasures of life.

In its grounding function, Carnelian shows you the reality behind your daydreams. Your intuitive feelings will be supported by a sharpened perception. Use your Carnelian crystal to penetrate to the essence of things. As all false hopes and illusions are stripped away, use its fiery energy to take courageous action. Its resonance with the lower three chakras means that the power of creation will be beautifully coupled with the sharpness of concentration. Carnelian is often used by public performers to create a balance between creativity and sharp focus. It will give you the necessary courage to manifest your well-grounded dreams.

This boldness will also help you perform better, especially if you need to speak or sing publicly, such as in interview situations or auditions. You may like to wear a Carnelian necklace over the heart to overcome stage fright. Imagine it to be your bold, fiery friend who encourages you to take a risk and jump into action. The boost of confidence will allow you to overcome your fears.

On a physical level Carnelian purifies the blood and ensures that all the inner organs and tissues have a good blood supply. Being a crystal that activates the lower chakras, it increases fertility and heals lower back problems. Since the Middle Ages, Carnelian has been used to reduce the stress of the Vikings when they attacked villages. If it could assist in such extremely stressful situations, it should certainly assist us with challenges of our modern lives. Carnelian is also useful in rheumatism and arthritis and any physical problems related to stagnation. Its warmth gets things going and reminds us of the playful, childlike spontaneity that is ours to enjoy.

To cleanse your Carnelian, run it under water, smudge it with sage or return it to earth. It loves to be recharged with sunlight and moonlight. Its anchoring, stabilising properties will give you the courage to create a life full of vitality.

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